Produced under EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification in the European Union, TheraLeaf™ offers pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures in several varieties.

Each tincture guarantees the following:

  • Organically cultivated, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD)
  • 30 ml of organic MCT coconut oil
  • Full Product Specification sheet and 3rd party HLPC lab test
  • Verified 24 month expiration date from time of bottling
  • Flavourless profile
  • Titrated pipette for precise dosing
  • EU GMP certification
  • Patient Guide Insert verified by knowledgeable physicians
  • Complete packaging in accordance with import country guidelines

TheraLeaf™ was founded in the southeastern United States by a group of medical cannabis clinicians who recognized the need for seed to sale traceability in medical cannabis products.

In addition to transparency in manufacturing practices, the team at TheraLeaf™ have always striven to provide patients and physicians with comprehensive medical cannabis education in order to make safe and informed decisions.

With growing demand from global markets, TheraLeaf™ expanded its reach internationally, starting with New Zealand where TheraLeaf™ CBD Oils are available in 4 distinct concentrations. All medical cannabis products for global export are manufactured in the European Union under EU Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) standards.

For more information on TheraLeaf™ and how we can bring trusted medical cannabis to your community, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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